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Class NamePLC Basics (GX Works2)
Length1 Day


This course provides you with the opportunity to learn about the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers.


This class is a prerequisite to the GX Works2 Programming training class.


Course Outline

Lesson 1 – PLC Hardware

  • What is a PLC?
  • Advantages
  • Types of PLCs
  • Micro PLC Hardware (FX)
    • Main Units
    • Extension Units
    • Special Function Modules
    • Left Side Adapter Bus
  • Modular PLC Hardware (Q/L)
    • Base Units
    • Power Supplies
    • Processors
    • I/O Modules
    • Intelligent Modules
  • Discrete Inputs
  • Discrete Outputs
  • Memory Types

Lesson 2 – Numeric Data Handling

  • Numbering Systems
    • Decimal
    • Binary
    • Hexadecimal
    • Octal
    • BCD
  • Numeric Formats
    • Integer
    • Double Precision Integer
    • Floating Point

Lesson 3 – System Addressing

  • Memory Areas
    • X/Y/M/L/D/T/C/Z
  • Micro PLC Addressing
    • Right Side Bus
    • Special Function Modules
    • Left Side Bus
  • Modular PLC Addressing
    • Addressing Rules
    • Module Addressing
    • Q Series Configuration
    • L Series Configuration

Lesson 4 – Programming Software

  • GX Works2
  • Software Installation
  • Other Software
  • Connection to FX Series
  • Connection to Q/L Series

Lesson 5 – Ladder Logic Basics

  • Ladder Symbols
  • Ladder Basics
  • Basic Instructions