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Please select the product group from the links above to assist you in getting the technical support you require.

  • CNC Systems - All components of a Computerized Numerical Control system including the Control, Display, Servo/Spindle amplifiers and motors.
  • Industrial Automation Products - Includes Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Automation Platforms (PAC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Motion Controllers, Software, Networks, General Purpose AC Servo, Motor Control, Circuit Breaker, PowerGate HVAC Controller and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).
  • Industrial Sewing Systems - All components of a Industrial Sewing System.
  • Robots - Robots and all related components of a Robot System including the Drive Unit.

If you are seeking support for a Mitsubishi Electric product that is not listed above, (i.e. Automotive, Power Products, Semiconductors, Televisions, etc.) please select this link to go to the Mitsubishi Electric-USA website.

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