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Variable Frequency Drives

HVAC Controllers for....
Cooling Towers… Pumps…Fans…

Simple to Use
• Average Set-up is Less than 8 Parameters
• Multifunction Programmer and Display Unit
Experience and Expertise
• 20 Years of VFD Drive Manufacturing
• 25 Years of Design Build Experience
• Single Source Provider of Power IGBT’s and Microprocessor Designs
• Latest Generation of IGBT’s for Improved Performance
• Industry-leading Energy Savings

The A800 Series is Mitsubishi's flagship inverter that delivers unmatched performance, capability and reliability in a number of impressive configurations. The A800 is available in traditional chassis style, large system/component style and a fully enclosed, severe environment style configuration. Each configuration offers a wide range of voltage classes including 200, 400, 600 and 690 volts.  Renowned for its long term durability and comprehensive feature set, the A800 easily meets the demands from machine builders, systems integrators and end-user facilities in a single, all-in-one drive platform.

The A700 is a high performance drive that replaces the popular A500(L) series.  It features many of the special technologies originally developed for Mitsubishi Electric servo drive products, such as adaptive auto-tuning that automatically compensates for changes in load inertia. The result is smoother operation, less downtime and ultimately, lower operating costs.  Control modes include Velocity, Torque and Positioning.  Real Sensorless Vector allows Zero speed holding torque and torque control without the need for an encoder.

The A701 offers most of the features and function found in the standard A700 Series but includes built-in line regeneration that allows 100% continuous braking torque.  The A701 is ideal for applications with overhauling loads or rapid start/stop cycles such as escalators, lifts & hoists and centrifuges.  Other opportunities are simply customers who want to remove the problems associated with brake resistors and the heat they produce or to simplify wiring and reduce required panel space.  By taking the regenerative energy from the motor and returning it to the AC line instead of transforming it into heat through a resistor, increased energy savings and improved return on investment is assured.

The D700 series is the direct replacement for the S500 & S500E series and includes the following improvements:

  • Increased capacity up to 10HP in both 230V and 460V
  • Safety stop compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Includes brake chopper circuit as standard
  • Modbus RTU included as standard via the RJ45 port
  • Password function
  • General Purpose Flux Vector Control (same as E500)
  • Optimum excitation control for increased energy savings when motor is not under load
  • Frequency search function to catch a spinning load
  • Same mounting holes and dimensions as S500(E)
  • Standard 5 year warranty

The cost-cost effective variable speed control solution for general purpose applications.

The E700 Series is the latest generation of Mitsubishi Electric’s Micro Sized Variable Frequency Drives.  It replaces the popular E500 Series and utilizes the same mounting foot print.  Advanced features and functions such as USB port for commissioning and monitoring, embedded M-dial and display, increased low speed performance and the ability to install one of the many 700 Series option cards allows the E700 to be used in the most demanding applications.  With a standard 5 year warranty, quality and reliability is essentially guaranteed.  The E700 Series promises to continue Mitsubishi’s long history of providing the best micro drive in the industry.

The E700SC Series is the safe torque off (STO) version of the E700. The E700SC is 6mm deeper than the standard E700.  It is otherwise functionally equivalent, and is compatible with connectivity and I/O options cards when paired with the correct SC version of the E kits. The E700SC Series is compact only with respect to size. Equipped with Advanced Flux Vector Control mode, it is ready to delivery serious performance. A standard 5 year warranty, means quality and reliability is more than assumed, it is guaranteed.

The truly fantastic specifications of the F700 make this VFD from Mitsubishi Electric an absolute must for your drive systems.  The F700 inverter is built to optimize 3-phase motor control, saving energy for virtually all general purpose applications.


  • NEMA 1 UL Type 1 Enclosure Designs: Drive can be mounted as a stand-alone unit.
  • Built-in BACnet MS/TP: No option card required.
  • Standard PLC programs with GX Developer: Control solutions for sequecing pumps and relay logic for damper end switch just to name a few.
  • Dual I/O Option: Useful when utlizing the PLC for advanced functions.
  • Single Phase Input: UL/cUL listed for use with single phase input supply.
  • Ease of Programming: Taken to higher levels with the new DU07 programming dial and FR-Configurator programming software.
  • Windmill Start: F700 measures residual motor slot ripple to determine both the speed and direction of rotation of a coasting motor and can swiftly and smoothly bring it under control when required - whichever way it's spinning.
  • Enhanced Energy Savings: An improved version of Mitsubishi Electric's famous energy-optimization software boosts motor efficiency to unprecedented levels and intelligently maximizes energy savings.
  • Power Dip Ride-Through: Allows the inverter to continue to run during short power supply interruptions - reducing nuisance tripping.
  • Overvoltage Avoidance: The F700 measures DC bus levels when decelerating and controls drive speed to eliminate nuisance tripping.
  • Remote I/O Capability: Drive I/O can be configured over a network to work independently of the drive, reducing cost and making more efficient use of the available network nodes.
  • Independent RS-485 Connections: Allow serial communications and keypad operation at the same time with no options needed.  F700 supports Modbus RTU as well as the standard Mitsubishi Electric protocol.

Now you can get a complete "Package" from Mitsubishi.  We develop, engineer, manufacture and service AC variable frequency drive packages.  Our packaged drives come to your facility with "As Built" documentation, pre-tested, and ready for installation and wiring.

These series achieve high precision and fast response that exceeds the performance of conventional general-purpose inverters.  These series can be used in specialized applications such as line control and elevators.

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Users from many different industries place their trust in Mitsubishi Electric inverters to run their processes and machines. While our inverters are designed to work reliably for decades, we also strive to pioneer advances in technology. As a result, updated Mitsubishi Electric inverters are engineered with innovations to help you reduce costs and increase productivity.

Through this legacy section, we will communicate details of upcoming discontinuations. You will find information about product availability, service, repair, and transition options. Our goal is to help you determine the best way to introduce new technology, while reusing as much of your existing investment as possible.


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