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The truly fantastic specifications of the F700 make this VFD from Mitsubishi Electric an absolute must for your drive systems.  The F700 inverter is built to optimize 3-phase motor control, saving energy for virtually all general purpose applications.


  • NEMA 1 UL Type 1 Enclosure Designs: Drive can be mounted as a stand-alone unit.
  • Built-in BACnet MS/TP: No option card required.
  • Standard PLC programs with GX Developer: Control solutions for sequecing pumps and relay logic for damper end switch just to name a few.
  • Dual I/O Option: Useful when utlizing the PLC for advanced functions.
  • Single Phase Input: UL/cUL listed for use with single phase input supply.
  • Ease of Programming: Taken to higher levels with the new DU07 programming dial and FR-Configurator programming software.
  • Windmill Start: F700 measures residual motor slot ripple to determine both the speed and direction of rotation of a coasting motor and can swiftly and smoothly bring it under control when required - whichever way it's spinning.
  • Enhanced Energy Savings: An improved version of Mitsubishi Electric's famous energy-optimization software boosts motor efficiency to unprecedented levels and intelligently maximizes energy savings.
  • Power Dip Ride-Through: Allows the inverter to continue to run during short power supply interruptions - reducing nuisance tripping.
  • Overvoltage Avoidance: The F700 measures DC bus levels when decelerating and controls drive speed to eliminate nuisance tripping.
  • Remote I/O Capability: Drive I/O can be configured over a network to work independently of the drive, reducing cost and making more efficient use of the available network nodes.
  • Independent RS-485 Connections: Allow serial communications and keypad operation at the same time with no options needed.  F700 supports Modbus RTU as well as the standard Mitsubishi Electric protocol.

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