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CNC Systems

The M700V Series is designed to provide productivity and operating ease. The M700V Series features nano-control technology to meet the needs of a new era, and also incorporates an original high-speed servo network. As Mitsubishi's flagship machining center, the M700V Series continues to deliver world-class specifications and optimum performance to users. The M700V Series opens new horizons of productivity, leading you to the next level of success.

The M70V Series CNC offers high-level CNC functionality in a cost-competitive package. Dramatically reduce cycle times, while retaining high-accuracy and high-speed. Shorten setup time with easy operability. Versatile functions installed in a compact unit.

iQ Platform CNC CPUs
The Q173NCCPU enables CNC Control to be integrated with Sequence, Motion, and Robot automation systems. Also known as the C70 Series CNC Controller, an iQ CNC CPU system uses multi-purpose GOT1000 HMIs and on-rack I/O cards to minimize TCO on CNC line solutions.

Key Features:

  • Accelerated communication speed over the inter-CPU shared memory
  • Up to 16 axes with 4 simultaneously controlled axes per CPU, 2 CPUs per system
  • 16.8k Block/min processing speed
  • Streamlined production with reduced Tact Time and host information system linkage
  • Uses GOT1000 HMI and iQ rack-based I/O card interfaces
  • SSCNETIII benefits, including noise free, 50Mbps, fiber optic communication


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